For Riders

Requesting a ride is just a tap away! There’s no worrying about forgetting your school’s phone number or confusion over where the pick-up location is. Just choose the exact spot on the map, and watch the driver’s position in real-time as they pick you up. Get a push notification when the driver accepts your ride or when the driver arrives at your location.


For Drivers

Don’t rely on fuzzy radios from dispatch! See all of the pending ride requests in real time on a map, and simply tap which ones you want to pick up. Notify the rider of how long it’ll take you to get there, as well as when you’re at their doorstep.

For Dispatchers

When students use the TapRide app, their ride requests go straight to the driver, saving you valuable time juggling phone calls and radios. Keep an eye on how busy the system is, and never wonder about each driver’s location.

Students who need to call in? No problem! Simply type in the pickup and drop-off locations of any rides that are phoned in and your drivers are instantly notified.


For Administrators

TapRide provides you with a detailed log of each ride request at your fingertips. Know which times of day are the busiest, how long students have to wait for a ride, or what the most popular pick-up and drop-off locations are.

Easily edit settings via the convenient web portal – instantly change your hours of operation, service boundaries, and more! All data is at your disposal in real time.