SafeRide has been a part of OSU's campus since 1989. In the summer of 2014, TapRide was chosen to help make the campus even safer. 



OSU's SafeRide needed to better meet student's demands by increasing the hours of operation, growing the service area, and adding pickup locations. 


TapRide worked to enhance the SafeRide program by providing a mobile application to all students. This app allows students to request easily request a ride, and provides administrators with custom data and reports. 

Find out the details of how Oregon State University used TapRide to serve more students. Download the full report here.


  • Increased average daily ridership by 100 requests per day.
  • Expanded operating hours from 7pm–1am to 6pm–3am.
  • The SafeRide program is now drastically more streamlined and efficient.